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See that little angel up there? That’s Pepper, a (roughly) 8-week old kitten that was left abandoned outside of a pawnshop near my mother’s workplace. She was scruffy and malnourished and needs a lot more care… but I need some help!

Pepper here is one of my many mounting bills that I have to take care of. She is healthy for the most part and extremely playful, but she has a flea problem. My goal is to get her treated ASAP with some Frontline Plus, but I need the funds to do it!

Along with Pepper, I have several bills that I need to pay off, including some medical bills from previous doctor visits I needed.

Interested in commissions? Look here!

Pictured above beneath Pepper there are some of my collectibles that I’m going to be parting with, for anyone interested. Listed below are ROUGH PRICES for each with shipping included in the price; I’m willing to haggle within reason. Everything here is in excellent condition, unless otherwise noted.

  • Master Chief helmet: From the Halo 3 Legendary edition. 
    Comes with the helmet, cover and stand (which can hold the game or something else of your choosing). CANNOT be worn and does NOT include the game! == $60
  • Borderlands GOTY Edition Guide: Hardcover, shiny! ;V == $20
  • Borderlands 2 limited edition guide: (Not pictured.) Also hardcover and shiny plus handsome jack’s smugass face is on the back???? UM???? == $20
  • Deco Devolution: Art book from the Bioshock 2 Collector’s edition. Look at it, it’s so pretty and shit. 

Other stuff I have that can be discussed:

  • Ghaleon puppet, Lunar Silver Star Story (The box is smashed to hell but Ghaleon is in great, fisticuffs-ready condition.) 
  • Kiki’s Delivery Service Artbook
  • Fable 3 Collector’s Guide (Has the Logan propaganda design)

If you’re not interested in any of these items, please hit me up for some commissions!

Thanks so much!

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Anonymous asked: You seem to really not like DashCon. Is it, like, the worst-of-the-worst con? (I really don't know, the only ones I properly know of are ones like SDCC and NYCC)




DashCon is a first-year fandom convention for Tumblr users. It is happening this weekend and turning into possibly the largest convention kerfuffle anyone has ever seen.

The list continues but so far it’s only the con’s second day and it is quite literally the most dramatic, hysterically cringe-worthy convention debacle I have ever seen unfold.

Adding some updates as of 7/12 at 7:35 PM EST:

  • The game room consists of some tables, one TV, and one gaming console. No, really, that’s it.
  • DashCon proves they have possibly the worst PR team ever when addressing the WTNV cancellation. Instead of clearly explaining the situation, they say they “don’t want to get into it,” and then offer compensation for those who bought advanced seating tickets for the Night Vale show. What’s the compensation? An extra hour playing in the ball pit (which is really just a slowly-deflating children’s pool with some balls in it). Oh, and if there’s room, you may get one of the first-come-first-serve spots at the Time Crash concert happening tonight. Huzzah!
  • Most panels are completely disorganized. The “Name That Anime” panel was even handing out hotel mints as prizes for correctly answering questions like “what’s the anime where they fight with clothes!!!”
  • This still needs verification, but supposedly there are minors being let into the 18+ panels (like “BDSM 101”), which DashCon could easily get sued for allowing. Not that they have the money for it.
  • It’s been pointed out that as a Marriott hotel, the Renaissance would have required them to submit their full reservation payment 5 days in advance of the event. Therefore it’s very, very likely that the “$17,000 fundraising” was a huge scam. Because DashCon would’ve had to pay that money 5 days before this weekend or the event wouldn’t even be happening in the first place.
  • Furthermore, someone attempted to debunk the letter that DashCon posted to prove that the hotel asked for money. Not all their points are valid (i.e. “RE:” is commonly used for “Regarding”, not just in response to previous communication, and idk but this dude doesn’t strike me as an expert on internal Marriott stationary), but frankly the letter looks sketchy if only because 17000% 99% of it is whited out. Is it real? Is it fake? We just don’t know.
  • There has been no confirmation that the money donated in cash and via PayPal last night ever made it to the hotel (if that was indeed where it was intended to go).
  • People are demanding full or at least partial refunds. Needs verification, but purportedly DashCon has a list at the con where you can sign your name and the amount you donated to be refunded later. Which sounds like a totally effective and not at all easily-abused system.
  • Attendees are either in denial saying this is the best con ever or they’re crying and having panic attacks. Welcome to Tumblr.

And as a bonus: DashCon originally ran an IndieGoGo campaign last year to raise $5,000 to start their convention. They raised $4,000. The campaign ended in April 2013 and rewards have still not been sent out (which consisted of tea bags, a couple business cards with your Tumblr URL on them, and if you donated $500+, some knick-knacks from Etsy).

The full story for those wondering what the hell is happening.

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its been over 12 hours and i still cant wrap my mind around the fact that this 4chan shit started because 4chan was trying to trick 4chan into attacking 4chan pretending to be tumblr attacking 4chan and it didnt work so 4chan pretended to be tumblr on 4chan to make 4chan attack tumblr

It’s like a political thriller except extremely stupid

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Weeeeeell I have some bad news! Unfortunately, there’s been a mishap with my credit card and my current balance is 0, which has kinda trumped all my initial plans for Bronycon have kinda disappeared! Unless I conjure like £1000 coming next month buuuuut realistically I know that’s not going to happen, and I’m not one to beg for money when my life is not on the line SOOOOO TL;DR I’M NOT GOING TO BRONYCON BLOOBLOO 8c

Buuuuuut! I WILL BE SELLING! My stuff will still be at our vendor table, where Nick and Wiggles will be selling it for me! And I STILL need money for the prints! Obviously it’s way less mones now, but I want to gather as much as possible for top notch quality prints! So yeah guys, let’s do this AGAIN! 8D 

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Defensive Generalization


Team Fortress 2 was recently updated so that teleporters would randomly generate pieces of bread. It looks delicious.


I can’t actually eat bread anymore. Sometimes I miss it. I jokingly told a friend that I hoped the game’s portrayal of bread didn’t look too delicious, or it would just fill…

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[S] Rex Duodecim Angelus - Battle of the Black King

The trolls battle to the death with their 12x prototyped Black King in living color with honest-to-god-animation. This is it, the final fight; where shit gets real and nothing, not even breeding the universe frog, takes priority over kicking the ass of the entire dersite army and it’s behemoth of a leader. 

39 months ago, the idea to animate this battle was born in the MSPA forums and against all odds, it steadily grew into the unadulterated masterpiece you see before you.

This was a volunteer project with revolving door of artists and animators, who planned, storyboarded, created assets or short animations, organized and backgrounded.  There was not a whole lot of stability during my time with the project. So I want to give a big shout out to our lead animator Takfloyd, who almost singlehandedly kept things moving forward for the last year and a half after the original crew faded away from the project; and the fantastic Elanor Pam, who likely created more art for this video than anyone else. Their relentless contributions kept us all motivated. (Also giving a little shoutout to BlackHolePA who was just so damned helpful all the time)

Homestucks, today is a good day to be proud of your fandom.

Artists: too many to list, see credits
Music: Rex Duodecim Angelus by Toby “Radiation” Fox

40 to 60 people contributed to this project over the last three years, check the wiki for a more complete idea of who did what.


Fucking incredible.

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If you follow my personal blog you know that I have a deep love for the United States, last time I was there it was like a dream come true! But it ended pretty badly and a little traumatic to be honest. BUT! Nontheless, that’s not going to stop me from going back and relive the dream, this time hopefully without bad experiences! I would love to have my first convention experience as a seller, to meet a LOT of new people I met over this year and to interact with all the people, fans, buyers and maybe even future fans in person!!

And it is thanks to you all that I miiiight just be able to do that! This con is a great opportunity for me to expand my limits, see where I can push my art, and use whatever profit I make to keep me afloat; with your help I’m sure it will be an AWESOME ride!

So take your pick and help me get there, please! :D

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What is a “Distance Model”?

When a character is seen in the distance, too much line complexity will create an over-complicated image. We drop detail to simulate the effect of seeing a character far away. If you’ve managed to notice this already, you’re not just seeing things- it’s quite intentional.

Because the show is animated by hand, we prefer not to scale down a complicated drawing- it becomes unclear and messy. Instead we use a distance model, which is a simplified version of that character.

Also they’re really cute.

Lead Character Designer: Danny Hynes

Character Designer: Colin Howard

Color: Tiffany Ford

Color Assist: Jasmin Lai

Distance Guide: Ian Jones-Quartey

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